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The Truth about WAZZUB or is Coca Cola really a scam?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

There are some articles out there on the Internet that state some “Facts” about our project and/or our company and then draw conclusions, most of them wrong. We do not have the time to answer on every single statement but we would like to give some general answers as follows:

1. Is WAZZUB a real company or a fake?

WAZZUB is a real company registered under the laws of Oregon, USA and running its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are an early-stage startup company that is still before launch of their main website. That means, we are still in development and many things will change during pre-launch.

2. Is your “Headquarters” a real office or just virtual?

Our Las Vegas office is a real office. Right now (Mon, Jan 16, 12:30pm) there are 5 WAZZUB Team members present and working. We are using the services from Regus, that means, we have our own office space but we share receptionist area, conference rooms, kitchen and other services with other companies.

Again, we are an early-stage startup and until we earn “real” money after launch we are on a budget. There is no need to invest into a fully owned office right now.

3. What about your registered office – there are a lot of companies registered at the same address - why?

For tax reasons most U.S. based companies have their companies registered in a different state than their HQ is located. There are special companies offering services as a registered agent but they are not involved in the actual business of the company. The name of our registered Agent is Cathy Halverson and she is the registered agent for several hundred companies. That does not mean that our company is related to any other company that is registered at this address and for sure it is no sign that we try to hide something or that we are a scam.

By the way, the most famous “registered office” address is used by more than 200,000 businesses. This address has its own page at Wikipedia. Check it out:

For example, Coca Cola is registered there, as well as General Motors, Google and Verizon. Nobody would conclude that they are hiding something or that they try to scam people. It is our goal to make WAZZUB one of the big brands on the Internet and, following the advice of our CPA and attorneys, we set up our company structure as it should be – right from the beginning.

4. Why did the data on the Whois database for wazzub.com and wazzub.info change twice within a few months?

When we found the perfect name for our project – WAZZUB – back in June 2011, the company was not yet founded; therefore one of our main investors registered the domains under his company name. After our company, GIT Global Investments Inc., was registered, we changed the Whois data including the address of our registered office. Now we opened our HQ and so we changed the Whois data to our operational address.

5. Who is the owner of your company?

WAZZUB is owned by several investors. Right now they are building the team of directors and managers that will run our project after launch. There will be a page with all the important members of our team after the team is completed. Our Marketing Director Gee DaCosta is not one of the initiators; he is the team member that is most important now - during pre-launch.

6. You can find some info about Gee and his history in the MLM and Network Marketing industry. Is he just hopping from business to business?

WAZZUB is not a network marketing company and it is not MLM. But we needed the skills of an experienced online marketer and Gee is the perfect match - and WAZZUB is the perfect business for Gee. He is very happy that he has found his “final” business and we know that WAZZUB will change the life of many, many others who are still on the search for the perfect internet opportunity.

7. You claim to have already invested more than $2 million into WAZZUB. Why is your pre-launch website and members’ area so “simple”?

The money has been invested into the main project, not into the pre-launch pages. We are totally overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of members signing up. Unfortunately, this huge traffic caused some “challenges” like a lack of server capacity and more than 350,000 verification and password emails to be sent out. Most of our bugs and glitches are caused by the huge number of members that like our project.

If we would have a pre-launch website with a lot of flash and video content it would slow down our servers dramatically. That is why we just kept it simple.

Our state-of-the-art home page that will be launched on April 9 is a totally different story. Secured by several pending patents, it will be a totally new way to surf the Internet.
8. But there are so many search engines and home pages on the Internet. Is WAZZUB just another useless search engine?

Oh, WAZZUB is so much more than a search engine. Imagine this: you start your Internet browser and find yourself on the perfect home page. There is a powerful search engine, the latest news exactly on those topics you are interested in, messages from your friends and family, the best deals on the Internet and useful links to your favorite websites. Imagine receiving valuable gifts and bonuses, just for using this powerful tool as your personal home page.
9. You promise to pay a lot of money to your pre-launch members. Where is that money coming from?

We will monetize our website exactly the same way as companies like Google, Facebook, AOL and Yahoo monetize their websites - by displaying ads and special offers. The big difference is that we share profits with our pre-launch members. 50% of all profits will be paid to our pre-launch members just by joining for free and setting up our page as their home page.
10. Is there a risk when I join WAZZUB?

We keep your data safe and never share it with third parties. You never have to pay us a single $ to get your share of our profits. Your only risk is investing time to invite other members. If nobody likes our final page we would earn no money and there would be no profits to share…BUT…

GUESS WHAT? - We know for sure that won’t happen!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How to Verify Your Account When You 

Received No Verification Email

When you are still waiting for your verification email please

 follow these easy steps to get your account verified:

Step #1

Go to our login page at http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=fe465

 and re-send verification email. If you do not receive new

 verification email within 10 minutes, go ahead to Step #2.

Step #2

Send an email from your registered email account to 

verification [at] wazzub [dot] com with subject 


Our WAZZUB Support Team will send you a confirmation 

including your password within 48 hours. If you do not 

receive a confirmation within 48 hours please send us 

another email from your registered email account and 

name a SECOND email address where we can send the 

confirmation and password. The second email address 

should be a gmail address and it doesn't have to be 

registered with us. If you do not have no gmail account, 

you can easily open one at www.gmail.com

P.S. For More DAILY News and Updates:
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Ideas and Possibilities at IBC2011

Monday, January 23, 2012

Demonstration Area
IBC is big - big in terms of size, ideas and possibilities. That was the overriding impression of IBC from debutante and RTS Young Technologist of the year Peter Sellar who declared “The amount of technology and innovation on offer is astonishing.”
Even trade show veterans would have to admit that IBC2011 was a bumper year, helped by the record attendance of over 50,000 professionals spread from right across the electronic media and entertainment industry, from student to ceo and Hollywood royalty.
There’s no doubt that such a positive response indicates that IBC is bringing more of the right conversations to more people in a stimulating trading and learning environment. There’s also no doubt that these figures show the resilience of an industry rebounding back after three years in the doldrums.
In a report unveiled in a free conference session at IBC2011, the IABM backed this up. Peter White, director general of the association, told delegates that despite some challenges there was a greater sense of optimism both from the demand side of the business as well as the supply side. The IABM predict that the industry would have passed its pre-recessionary levels in three years.
The can-do attitude that will see this industry survive and thrive was evident on the showfloor where 13 halls were packed with more than 1,300 exhibitors each with a multitude of exciting messages of innovation and problem solving ideas.
Over $20m worth of business was signed during the show including 70 sales of Sony’s F65 CineAlta camera which is capable of capturing images at 4K resolution.
If it is ‘K’ you want then you need look no further than the astonishing Super Hi-Vision which contains sixteen times the amount of HD resolution and continues to be pushed as a broadcast format by NHK. Live Super Hi-Vision transmissions from a static camera overlooking BBC Broadcasting House in London were shown in the Future Zone.
Picking up an IBC Conference award for a technical paper on Super Hi-Vision, the head of NHK’s R&D lab Dr Keiichi Kubot said significant progress had been made: “We have developed an 8-channel switcher and a slow motion replay system to sit alongside a camera and recording unit making a live production of sports events a possibility.”
A probability, because the BBC intends to transmit the Olympics to large screens around London next year using Super Hi-Vision, while FIFA is also mulling its use in Brazil two years later.
Understanding how consumer behavior impacts decision making right up the content production, distribution and manufacturing chain is of increasing importance to media organisations which is what a dedicated hall grouping developments in IPTV and mobile TV was designed to explore within the IBC Connected World.
A special Demonstration Area within the IBC Connected World allowed attendees to understand more of the practicalities of how media can be delivered and consumed in and around the home on different screens and by different family members.
Linked Exhibition Business Briefings led by Ericsson, IBM, TV Genius, Harris and IBC Connected World Platinum Sponsor Cisco, delved deeper into key issues emerging from the “Connected World”. Ericsson’s head of TV Staffan Perhrson suggested in The Networked Society will be Televised that “We are all living through the early stages of an extraordinary revolution connecting not just people but communities, systems and intelligence. With everything connected our world changes. A connected world is just the beginning. We are on the brink of the Networked Society.”
The networked agenda was on the minds of the world’s three biggest standards organisations - the EBU, SMPTE and AMWA - when they met at IBC to formalise an agreement that will see them co-operating on future digital media-related standards.
“The aim is to identify common points where we have issues to discuss and digital workflows are high on the agenda,” explained EBU deputy technical director and SMPTE engineering VP Hans Hoffman.
Part of its investigation will no doubt involve the way files are transported and stored, QCed, transcoded and mastered in off-site servers accessed only via the internet - in other words the Cloud.
A flurry of announcements from the post production area (Hall 7) of IBC saw Cloud production gain traction.  Sky Sports News announced it was the first European broadcaster to use the Axis Cloud-based graphics creation system from Chyron. Sky head of operations Darren Long was on site to highlight the deal. Quantel landed  Rogers Media as the first customer of its Cloud edit and review service Qtube after the Canadian media company came to IBC2010 searching for such a solution; Digital Rapids and Building4Media were others taking production systems into the  Cloud while Prime Focus launched the Domain Centric Cloud (DCC) platform, already operational in India, to a wider market.
The latest figures from Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, as noted by EMEA president Chris Dedicoat at the IBC Leaders’ Summit, estimates that the sum of all forms of video (TV, VoD, internet, and P2P) will be approximately 90% of global consumer internet traffic by 2015. Even if those figures are out there can be no doubt in the power of video as a communications tool nor in the high importance of new tools to acquire images in the first place.
At the coalface are producers and camera-ops who visited the IBC Production Village to try out the most cutting edge commercially available cameras, camera systems and accessories on the market. These include the Meduza 4K camera; 3Ality Technica rigs and Stereo Image Processors and high speed imagers from Vision Research. 
Connecting the theory of how such cameras work on a showfloor with their practical use on live productions is where Inside Knowledge came in. This informal set of presentations adjacent to the IBC Production Village gave attendees a candid insight into how their peers had used technologies in anger. Combining overview and opinion into new technology with practical demonstrations of it in action is what IBC is all about.
This union is celebrated at the annual IBC Innovation Awards, a red carpet event which this year featured breakthrough achievements in stereo 3D, global news production and next generation digital delivery.
There can be few better places to sit back and simply marvel at the astonishing visual creations that filmmakers like Atlantic Productions’ ceo and executive producer Anthony Geffen or Avatar director James Cameron have musterered than the IBC Big Screen, host to the IBC Innovation Awards and this year home to some spectacular 3D treats.
Atlantic Production’s Flying Monsters 3D with Sir David Attenborough was lauded with an IBC Special Award for an outstanding use of technology in the service of creativity. He was on hand to show the full 60 minute programme as well as works in progress including Kew, a three part series about Kew gardens plant life which includes never before seen 3D timelapse photography.
Cameron delivered IBC a coup when he personally presented an 18 minute sequence from Titanic which has been given a 4K digital remaster from the original negative print and then a painstaking 2D-3D conversion.
The very vocal round of applause that this received from an audience that would normally consider themselves sceptics, showed not only their appreciation for the quality of this cinematic experience but also that they were among the first to share it. These things happen, only at IBC.

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